Warsaw Stock Exchange

Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) is one of the fastest growing exchanges in Europe. The markets operated by GPW list stocks and bonds of nearly a thousand local and international issuers. The Exchange also offers trade in derivatives and structured products, as well as information services. Close to 25 years of experience, high safety of trading, operational excellence and a broad range of products make GPW one of the most recognised Polish financial institutions in the world.

The Warsaw Stock Exchange operates under the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments of 29 July 2005, as amended, under the supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA) (the Act on Capital Market Supervision of 29 July 2005, as amended). PFSA is the financial regulatory authority for Poland. Its responsibilities include supervising of banking, capital markets, insurance, pension scheme and electronic money institutions.

Additionally, the GPW is governed by the Code of Commercial Companies of 2000, the Statutes of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the Rules of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and the Rules of the Stock Exchange Court.