The Fund has outsourced certain functions, including legal, tax and asset management functions, to external service providers. The legal and tax functions have been outsourced to standard reputable service providers.

The asset management function has been outsourced to RSJ a.s. Under the terms of the outsourcing agreement, and subject to the overall supervision of the directors, the investments made in respect of each cell of the Fund shall be realized by the asset manager in his own name but to the account of the Fund in relation to the specific cell. The financial instruments and securities will be recorded under the name of the asset manager (or the licensed broker being member on the relevant regulated public market via which the asset manager realizes investments), but the ownership of these financial instruments and securities is of the Fund (in respect of the relevant cell).

In relation to the asset management function, the asset manager will be given cash and the Fund’s investment into custody. The asset manager may give some of the Fund’s assets into custody of the sub-broker who is a member of the relevant exchange where the Fund’s assets are invested. The Fund’s assets will always be kept separate from the own assets of the asset manager and the assets of the sub-broker.

In return for the services rendered by the asset manager, the asset manager shall charge the non-cellular assets of the Fund a fee determined separately for each cell of the Fund.